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DaklaPack Europe BV

FAULKNER EXPORT PACKAGING Since 1860 Manufacturers of Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic  & Industrial high performance flexible packaging. Copyright 2014 Site by Quirkie  

Static Shielding Bags provide a safe environment for sensitive electronic components and devices. These transparent metallized films use a conductive metal layer to form a Faraday cage, protecting sensitive components from electrostatic fields.

Standard amine-free antistatic film and black conductive polythene are extruded on site.

We manufacture a range of opaque and clear ESD dry bags. These are designed for packaging electronic components which need both a moisture barrier and ESD, EMI, and RFI protection. A full range of Moisture Barrier Bags without ESD protection is also available.

ELECTRONICS Static Shielding Bags Zip Close Static Shielding Bags Static Shielding Bubble Bags Pink Antistatic Bags ESD Moisture Barrier Bags 3600 ESD Moisture Barrier Bags HB 6000